Top-tier webserver power for your e-tail website, at a mom and pop price.

Step 1.

Amazon Web Services are giving away free hosting for T1-micro EC2 servers in their AWS cloud for one year. Sign up for AWS:

Step 2.

Choose the shopping cart software to run on your free server. Several open source options are entirely free.

Step 3.

Come back to steps 1 and 2 later, call +447980391050 now.

QR code, scan the number into your phone.

Your Shop Online Ltd have ready-made servers you can run on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Call and ask for Robert, I'll show you how you can run the fastest, cheapest, most secure shops online.

Fed up of seeing Chinese hackers all over your website in Apache access logs? Xenofile on Amazon AWS is the only country blocker that works out of the box with a point and click web interface. No messing around with .htaccess files, no messy ip block lists to upload. See the demo. Now also available on Azure: Xenofile on Microsoft Azure .